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12 Winter Wonderlands You Need To Visit This Year

A winter trip is a great way to get the most out of this magical time of the year. While most of your friends are left indoors watching Netflix series twice over, you can wrap up warm and fully immerse yourself into pure winter bliss. There is so much beauty to see!

If that sounds like a good plan to you, then here are 12 truly amazing winter wonderlands to visit this year. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)

Cesky Krumlov is a city of just over 13,000 inhabitants that is bisected by the Vltava river. The city is well known for its architectural heritage, and in particular for the beautiful old town (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992) and for the castle of medieval origin. Historically, the construction of the city dates back to the end of the 13th Century.

Český Krumlov, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
The Vltava river is the longest river within the Czech Republic. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Český Krumlov, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Český Krumlov looks extra gorgeous covered in snow. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

This would be one of the best winter wonderlands to visit. Imagine all the old stonework buildings covered in snow!

2. Shirakawa-go (Japan)

The main reason for the sloping roofs and the massive structure of the farmhouses of Shirakawago is the large amount of snow that falls every winter.

One of the 3 villages within Shirakawa-go, Ogimachi village, is typically covered by 1-2 meters of snow during peak season and is a must-see. While slightly impractical for the locals, the snow turns Shirakawago into an idyllic winter landscape.

To make it even better, there are special lighting events that take place on some Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout January and February.

Shirakawa-go, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Shirakawa-go looks so idyllic in a blanket of snow. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

3. Ilulissat (Greenland)

The fiord of Ilulissat is famous all over the world for a very special feature. Its inlet generates an impressively large number of icebergs, so much so as to define the city of Ilulissat as the city of the icebergs.

Ilulissat, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
More floating ice islands are formed in Ilulissat than anywhere else in the northern hemisphere. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

4. Multnomah Falls (Oregon, USA)

At about 187 meters high, Multnomah falls are divided into two drops between which a bridge was built in 1914. Ths bridge, the Benson bridge, allows hikers to complete the path up to the top.

The drop of the cascading waters that eventually converge in Columbia is the highest of waterfall drops in Oregon and the second in all the States.

Multnomah Falls, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Every year two million visitors visit Multnomah Falls, making it the most-visited nature site in all the Pacific Northwest. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

5. Harbin (China)

The average daily temperature in Harbin during winter is −3.5 °F / −19.7 °C.  Harbin is nicknamed the “Ice City” for that reason!

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will begin on 5th January and will feature impressive ice sculptures that turn Harbin into a true winter wonderland.

Harbin, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is one of the largest snow festivals in the world.  | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

6. Central Park (New York City, USA)

When the cold has arrived and a blanket of snow covers New York, Central Park is at its most dazzling. Just take a walk through the park and see the snow-covered trees and you’ll feel like you’ve left New York altogether.

During the winter months, there are some special events that take place too. Starting at the end of October, two skating rinks are opened in the park every year.

In the north of the park, there is the Lasker skating rink which overlooks Harlem Meer. In the south of Central Park is the Wollman skating rink. This track is the most famous of the two, as it is located near the center of Manhattan and offers a great view of the skyscrapers of Midtown.

Central Park, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
The Wollman skating rink. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Central Park, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Central Park is a sight to behold covered in snow.  | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

7. Blue Pond (Hokkaido, Japan)

Blue Pond is a small, beautiful lake on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. An interesting and enchanting place, Blue Pond changes color depending on the season and time of day.

Its shade of blue can vary from turquoise to blue, up to an emerald green color. These colors can sometimes look almost unreal as they change according to light reflections and the weather.

The trees reflected in the water give the place a particularly exciting feel, especially in winter, when the blue of the lake comes into conflict with the white of the snow deposited on the many branches hanging mid-air.

Blue Pond in Hokkaido, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Blue Pond, a manmade site, was created after the eruption of Mount Tokachi in 1988 in order to keep the town of Biei safe from dangerous mudflow. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

8. North Vancouver (Canada)

You simply have to visit North Vancouver in the winter if you’re a snow sports enthusiasts. Mountains have ski tracks for every level and they are open late for some amazing and even romantic night skiing.

Winter activities in North Vancouver include downhill and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing and tobogganing.

North Vancouver, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
Cleveland Dam | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

9. Tschamut (Switzerland)

Tschamut is pure heaven for snow lovers! Even if it’s well known for being a great summer and winter destination, Tschamut has a unique look during wintertime.

Skiing is the main activity to do here and is probably the best way to soak up all those amazing winter wonderland views!

10. Ekero (Sweden)

If you are looking for a romantic winter escape, Ekero is easily one of the most romantic winter wonderlands to visit.

The nature surrounding Ekero is pure magic during winter with white woods and astonishing views to marvel at, especially during sunset and sunrise.

11. Dolomites (Italy)

Alta Badia, a valley in South Tyrol characterized by gentle slopes, from which stand out the imposing peaks of the Dolomites, is known as the heart of the Dolomites.

The Dolomites, which frame the Alta Badia, make it one of the most enchanting locations in South Tyrol and the Alps, and, since 2009, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dolomites, Winter Wonderlands To Visit
The Dolomites major peak is Marmolada which stands 10,968 feet tall. | Best Winter Wonderlands To Visit

12. Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA)

During winter time, Santa Fe dresses up in a unique way offering many local activities, festivals and many historically inspired feasts to celebrate the winter season and the city’s Native American roots.

Despite being one of the best places to chill and relax while fully immersing yourself in some serious winter wonderland views, skiing is one of the main activities to do here. So there’s a bit of something for everyone!

So here they are, 12 winter wonderlands to visit that will give you even more reason to love the most magical time of the year! Know of any more winter wonderlands? Feel free to comment below.

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