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11 Essential Safety Tips For Travelers You Need To Know

The world is a fascinating, wonderful, absolutely beautiful place. But it can also be a dangerous place. When you go traveling around the world, you will notice all of this in relatively equal measure, although the danger will hopefully be less emphasized than the others. That’s why it’s so important to know these safety tips for travelers to make sure you’re planning ahead!

However, when packing your bags, you don’t think of what you might do to prepare for the beauty you encounter, perhaps aside from bringing a camera or notebook with you. But you must prepare for something you hope never happens, and that’s become in proximity to danger.

Of course, we’re not talking about anything outlandish, such as walking into a warzone territory or having to save the world from an evil genius (but if you do that, more power to you.)

No, it’s the practical, daily realities of world travel that we most need for personal safety while traveling. Doing so can give you the tools to enjoy your best travels, and to make the memories you most wish to curate. For that and more, please read these 11 safety tips for travelers.

1. Medication

Of course, heading abroad can be a stressful time, but one that’s worthwhile if you have everything you need close to hand. Aside from food and water, there’s arguably nothing more important than bringing along your necessary medication with you.

Depending on where you’re going, you might need a range of vaccines in order to immunize yourself against certain issues taking root in the country you hope to visit. This should be taken care of ahead of time.

It’s also essential to bring with you medication that you might hope you never need, or medication to help you through a problem you might contract. For example, malaria tablets could be one of these important items, because contracting it is likely not on your bucket list.

Remember to bring secure compartments filled with the items you might need, such as blood pressure tablets, insulin injections, and simple painkillers. Also, bring with you a humble first aid kit, because you never know when this being at the bottom of your bag could potentially save a life.

Medication matters, and it can help you to no small degree. Make use of your planning, or be sure to carry odds and ends matched by whoever you’re traveling with. And as always, be sure to consult with your doctor before you leave to go abroad.

2. Safety & Funds

It is essential when traveling to another country to keep hold of your money. Travelers cheques can help you convert your money correctly when you head to another country, as they are in your name and can be only redeemed by you even if stolen.

Protective pouches with hidden zips in your bag or belt can help you hide a decent amount of money if anything is stolen from you, helping you out if your belongings are stolen. Also, bringing a fake wallet with you including some old cards you don’t need and a paltry sum of money can help you if you are mugged or pickpocketed abroad.

Another option is using a banking app such as Revolut to store your money wirelessly, giving you access to your bank account, and also providing the best exchange rates on the fly. Not only if this safer (since the card that comes with these apps can be frozen from your phone if lost), but it’ll also save you money because of better exchange rates.

Of course, it’s unhappy to be wary of everyone in a country you hope to enjoy, but sometimes tourists can be targeted for their lack of carefulness, and you should hope to do everything you can to avoid being one of their number.

3. Groups & Street Smarts

safety tips for travelers

While solo travel might have a certain allure to it, it isn’t the wisest option for someone not well versed in a particular region, or perhaps not as traveled as they like to think.

Heading with someone or a group you trust can help you stick together, explore places with the protection of numbers, and ensure that anyone looking to victimize tourists are discouraged by your group looking out for one another.

Also, learning a little fragment of the street smarts in a location can help you avoid issues as they might arise. For example, learning where the areas of poverty are might help you avoid them, or perhaps if a street is known for some kind of gang activity, you might wish to avoid that area too.

You can learn this information from online resources, or from asking the locals depending on where you are. An information tourist board might also help you learn some of this information.

4. Inspecting

Now and then, just give your body a once-over. Make sure nothing has been slipped in your bag, that you’ve had anything taken from you, or that you’ve lost your map. Simply keeping aware of yourself can be the most important thing to keep in check when abroad.

5. Share Your Details With Those You Trust

Don’t leave to go on holiday without first giving your loved ones a detailed itinerary of where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and your contact details such as phone number, email address, and other social media profiles.

Ask them to contact you every other day or so to ensure you’re still ok. If you don’t reply within a certain number of days, let them know beforehand what they can do to alert the right people and authorities.

6. If You’re Traveling Alone, Don’t Tell People

If you’re traveling alone try to refrain from telling people that you are traveling alone. Seriously, even if they seem trustworthy, it’s better just not to risk it. Talk to people who travel solo and this is often one of their top holiday travel safety tips.

7. Blend In

safety tips for travelers

Dress modestly and appropriately, wear a wedding ring (especially if you’re a single woman), try wearing clothes the locals wear, do a bit of research beforehand on your destination so that, in short, by the time you get there, you’ll know how now to stand out so much!

I know some of these safety tips for travelers may seem a bit paranoid, but they will actually go some way in helping you to immerse yourself in the culture. You’ll enjoy yourself even more this way!

8. Smile!

Probably one of the easiest tips on how to stay safe on holiday, it is so important that you smile! Looking anxious, worried, or nervous might actually attract the wrong sort of attention.

If you’re confident and relaxed you’ll give off the impression that you’ve been there before, and not phased by your surroundings.

9. Learn The Language Basics

Another essential international travel safety tip is to learn how to say the basics of the language including phrases such as, “No thank you”, “my friend/husband is just around the corner” and “I will call the police”, and any other essential phrases that might ward off any unwanted attention, or diffuse awkward situations.

10. Make A List Of Emergency Contact Details

Write down the number of the local police and other emergency services in the country you’re traveling to. Check out your local embassy if you have any concerns or want some more advice on good emergency contacts to be aware of.

11. Download Maps Offline Beforehand

Such as important tip on how to stay safe while traveling alone. 200 years ago this advice would have been, “don’t forget to bring your maps and compass”. These days, however, you are able to download maps to your phone which can be used offline.

That way, once you get to your target country, your phone can direct you whenever you get lost, no data will be used on your phone since you’ll be able to use your maps offline. Also, make sure to bring a power pack in your rucksack that can charge your phone up in case your phone battery dies.

Of course, this article makes travel abroad sound like a battlefield. It isn’t. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we hope these safety tips for traveling abroad will help you know how to stay safe on holiday.

Have any other safety tips for travelers that have worked for you that you’d like to share with our readers? Please comment below!

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