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15 Of The Best Foods In Paris That You Need To Try

French food is one of the most appreciated and well-known cuisines in the world. Wines, cheeses, meat, delicious desserts, in short, it’s not so difficult to know why it has a glowing reputation. And those who turn up their noses to French food are probably those who have never really tasted it (or at least not in the right place). Well, if you plan to leave for the beautiful French capital and want to find out what to eat in Paris, don’t worry, the options are many; you need only a few tips! Here is a list of the 15 best foods in Paris. Let’s begin!

1. Ris de veau


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Ris de veau is calf sweetbread. But what is “sweetbread”? Well, prepared to be scandalized by how much the name throws you off from the truth! Sweetbread is actually made from the internal organs of animals. Sweetbread is neither sweet nor bread. You may think it’d taste musty, but it’s actually tasty—especially fried—and definitely worth trying.

2. Omelette

Omelette, Best Foods In Paris

The famous egg omelette stuffed with cheese and other ingredients of your choice. A fast, hearty and delicious dish, to be enjoyed in one of the many bistros of Paris scattered throughout the city.

3. Escargot


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Classy and tasty, les escargots are one of the finest typical Parisian dishes. Perhaps you ordered this dish because you liked the name, but had no idea what it is? Well, know that you are about to eat delicious and succulent snails! Flavored with butter and parsley, snails are an absolutely Parisian dish. Do not be picky, maybe it will prove tastier than you expect!

4. Vichyssoise


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More similar to a cream of leeks and potatoes than a soup, vichyssoise is preferably served at room temperature. Potatoes and leeks (only the delicate white part) are sprinkled with defatted chicken broth until cooked; whisk the whole and sieved with a fine knit strainer, complete with fresh cream or cold milk, and served with a few leaves of chives or chervil.

5. Soupe à l’oignon


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Yes, you translated that right, it’s a real onion soup. After eating it, be aware that you cannot kiss your loved one all day, but I assure you it’s worth it. To eat in the bars à soupes, that is a bar of soups, special unique places where soups are served. It’s not rocket science.

6. Quiche

Quiche, Best Foods In Paris

A savory pie that has several variations. The main ingredient is eggs. It can be prepared with bacon or vegetables. A real delicacy and deserving as one the best foods in Paris!

7. Fois Gras & Foie Gras


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Perfect and delicate, fois gras is one of the dishes to try on a trip to Paris. The meat in all its variants is one of the most popular dishes in French cuisine. Duck and goose meat, in particular, make for a delicate but tasty flavor. Only for the bravest and for the “unscrupulous” is foie gras, goose liver or duck liver, another typical Parisian dishes.

8. Pâtè En Croute


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Coming from a medieval solution to preserve meat, pâté en croute means “pâté in crust” and was used as a way to preserve meat by encasing it in pastry. Originally the crust was never eaten, but over time it became edible. It is often served in slices with a salad, pickled onions and gherkins.

9. Frog legs


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Definitely one of the best foods in Paris to try simply for the novelty, frog legs are flavored with salt, pepper and lemon, breaded, sautéed in egg and fried in olive oil, and are considered a refined dish of French cuisine. There is nothing to fear by eating this protein-rich and low-fat specialty that tastes like chicken, but with the consistency of white fish. Taste the cuisses de grenouille (French for “thighs of frogs”) with a dry white wine and you’ll be surprised at how tasty they are!

10. Breton galette


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A sort of savory crepe prepared with buckwheat. It is stuffed with meat or vegetables and cheese. A bulls-eye egg placed on top is ideal to complete this work of art!

11. Cheeses

Cheese, Best Foods In Paris

Cheeses are generally eaten as dessert and among the most famous include Beaufort, Brie or Roquefort. Great to accompany an excellent wine, strictly French wine of course!

12. Macarons

Macarons, Best Foods In Paris Macarons, Best Foods In Paris

The perfect dessert “sandwich”. The crispy sweetness of the meringue meets the intensity and smoothness of the cream. To be devoured one after another in a variety of tasty flavors. Warning, they are addictive!

13. Pains au chocolat


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What to eat in Paris while walking under the Eiffel Tower? The chocolate bread (pains au chocolate literally translates as “bread of chocolate”)! Even bread in Paris becomes chic. Pain au chocolat is a bread pastry with chocolate inside. It is bought in the patisserie and is mostly eaten in the morning for breakfast. It must be absolutely crumbled on clothes while you feel enchanted walking under the Eiffel Tower. Fun fact: there is a national debate in France as to whether it should be called pain au chocolat or chocolatine! However, in Paris it is almost always called pain au chocolat.

14. Paris-Brest


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One of the best foods in Paris (in our opinion!), the Paris-Brest is a traditional pastry cake made of choux pastry filled with cream and garnished with almonds. The circular shape represents the wheel of a bike, in fact, Louis Durand—a Maisons Laffitte pastry chef—created it to celebrate the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling race.

15. Andouillette


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Andouillette is a highly controversial sausage that can be made from all sorts: pork, wine, intestines, pepper, onions, seasonings, and more. Despite sounding somewhat interesting and exotic, it does have a more—shall we say—more down-to-earth side to it in that it is often made from entrails. Definitely for the more adventurous.

Still in doubt about what are the best foods in Paris? Go for the most authentic, local and traditional dishes and you won’t regret it!

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