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What Are The Key Things To Plan Before A Long Trip?

We’ve all hurriedly stuffed swimwear or swimming trunks in a suitcase before a weeklong vacation to some sunny European resort. However, planning for a long trip requires a little more thought and attention to detail.

Whether you’re planning to go interrailing or simply jet off to a few iconic destinations around the world, you need to put some time and thought into preparing for an extended journey.

But what are the key things to plan before a long trip? Well, let’s go through the main talking points.

Your wardrobe.

No, don’t bring the entire thing. Packing clothes for a long trip can be a stressful task, especially if you’re going to different places with different climates. The key thing is to pack as lightly as possible. And you can achieve this by opting for clothing that’s suitable in many different situations. Rather than packing the flip-flops, for example, you should opt for a pair of durable trainers.

Warm clothing should always be a priority; even if you’re going to a hot country, you’ll find that most buildings will have air conditioning. Whatever the destination, you’ll always need a trusty cardigan and extra pairs of socks.

A versatile dress is always handy too; something that can be a comfortable and fashion outfit during the day or a sophisticated outfit for meals during the evening. The point is that you should be packing items of clothing that will get a lot of use to reduce the number of items you take with you.

If you’re backpacking then you’ll be taking your rucksack everywhere with you. Your shoulders are going to hurt if you pack your entire wardrobe. So, be smart when it comes to packing.


If you’re going to be exploring different places (whether on your own or with friends) then you should keep people back home updated on your progress. It’s so important to communicate in case you need any sort of help, whether monetary or legal.

You don’t want to end up losing your passport, for example, and wondering if your family or friends know the airport at which you’re stuck. You might want to look into TextNow plans.

Having a phone that can make calls via WiFi will be very useful whilst on the move. So, if you’re at the airport and you have no phone service, that doesn’t matter; all you need is a wireless connection to communicate with friends and family.

The point is that a regular line of communication with loved ones should be one of your top priorities as you plan before a long trip.

The route.

If you want to save time and money then you should have a clear plan of your destinations before you set off.

Obviously, you can be a little spontaneous, but being too spontaneous might lead to disappointment; you might find that you exceed your budget more quickly than you imagined and have to jet back home before you’ve seen all the places you wanted to see.

So, make sure you plan out your route and create a schedule for your trip. Work out the time you’ll spend in each place and roughly calculate the cost of your stay in each town or city. You’ll thank yourself later for doing all the boring planning before your trip.

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