10 Of The Coolest Jazz Bars Around The World

Jazz, a musical tradition rooted in African-American culture, was born and developed in the United States during the 20th Century. The various transformations that have marked the history of jazz have given rise to very different phenomena both from the stylistic point of view and in the relationship with the public: nevertheless, jazz music lives for the moment and is characterized by the musician that plays it. Today, jazz is recognized worldwide as an art form and as having a musical heritage that is listened to, appreciated and practiced all over the world.

Are you a jazz lover? Here is our list of 10 of the best jazz bars around the world, so that you can experience some of that old-fashioned magic listening to some great music, getting into the groove, and just having that pleasant night out. Let’s dive into it!

1) Birdland, New York

Birdland is a historic jazz bar in New York. Over the years it has changed several locations. The original opened on Broadway in 1949 and was a landmark in the jazz scene of the time. Some of the best jazz musicians in the world have played here, like Miles Davis, Count Basie, and John Coltrane. Not only that, it was very popular with the celebrities of the time; Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra to give some examples. Even today it is one of the best jazz clubs in New York housing some truly great musicians.

Location: 315 W 44th Street
Price: ranging from $20-$50 per night

2) Preservation Hall, New Orleans

If you are looking for traditional New Orleans jazz you can’t miss Preservation Hall. This legendary bar located in the iconic French Quarter has been hosting the city’s finest traditional musicians nightly for decades.

Location: 726 St. Peter Street (French Quarter)
Price: General admission is $20. For special events $30-50

3) Café Central, Madrid

A unique place to listen to some good jazz music and grab something to eat and drink, Café Central offers the old-fashioned style providing a blast from the past you don’t want to miss. Located in Plaza del Angel this bar is great for a musical stop while having some fun strolling around the city’s main center.

Location: Plaza del Angel 10
Price: Admission about €13

4) Sunset Sunside, Paris

Paris loves music! If you want to take a break in the city of love and enjoy some untraditional exotic jazz music such as gypsy jazz, Sunset Sunside is definitely the place you are looking for. You can find a great intimate place where to grab a drink, eat something and listen to some brand new experimental music by newbies and pro musicians!

Location: 60 Rue des Lombards
Price:  €10-€28

5) 28DiVino, Rome

The Eternal City has a place for you, jazz lovers! A wine, cheese & jazz club in the Prati area, the 28DiVino, makes jazz music the focal point of the weekly program of live concerts that it organizes. On the 28DiVino stage, national and international jazz musicians alternate. The restaurant has two rooms where you can dine and taste fine wines and cheeses while waiting for the live performances. Is there a better way to spend an evening in Rome? You tell me.

Location: Via Mirandola, 21, 00182 Roma
Price: €12

6) Jazz SPOT Intro, Tokyo

Hi-tech Tokyo has a thing for jazz music too! Jazz SPOT Intro is a New York inspired jazz bar where you can enjoy some live music, grab something to drink and chill away from the city buzz. The top highlight of this jazz bar is its 12-hour Saturday sessions, which run until 5 am. A great opportunity to spend some quality time during the weekend!

Location: 2-14-8 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-Ku
Price: Admission is ¥1000 (around $10)

7) Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen

This place is considered to be one of the most legendary and best jazz bars in all of Europe! All year round this bar hosts special events and concerts giving the chance for pros and newbies to show off their skills and passion for music. Besides the musical side, the Jazzhus Montmartre is a great place to eat something too making it a one-of-a-kind club with an atmosphere that is classy yet typical of the best of the best jazz bars. The perfect place to warm up and relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

Location: Store Regnegade 19A, 1110
Price: Free admission for some events. You predominantly pay for what you eat and drink

8) Reduta Jazz Club, Prague

Reduta is located in the very heart of Prague and it is one of the oldest jazz clubs in Europe. A cultural spot not to be missed, this place offers the chance to chill and listen to some great jazz. Being an iconic place, over the years many politicians and celebrities have come to enjoy a gloriously jazzy night here. Bill Clinton has even played saxophone here! So, if you are tired of the same old pubs and crave some good live music, make your way down here, grab something to drink, sit down, and listen to new bands cover your favorite jazz masterpieces.

Location: Národní 116/20, 110 00 Nové Město
Price: Admission from €10

9) Donau 115, Berlin

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Berlin and jazz music might seem somewhat of a contradiction at first, but paying a visit to Donau 115 will definitely change your mind! Berlin is an experimenting city ready to use influences and vibes from several different genres and cultures, and so this is what you’ll notice (or hear) while spending some time in this jazz bar! You can find special events all year around hosting new bands creating a unique place for some jazz with that German vibe.

Location: Donaustraße 115, 12043
Price: Admission is free. You pay for what you eat and drink

10) Hot Clube de Portugal, Lisbon

We end our list of the 10 best jazz bars around the world with one of the most iconic European places you’ll ever find in Europe: the Hot Clube de Portugal in Lisbon. Lisbon has a huge interest in jazz music and you can witness this while exploring the city and its nearby areas! This place is definitely worth a visit as the epicenter of European jazz music. From people like Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Dexter Gordon, this bar is always following the recent changes and development taking place in the jazz world, which makes for brand new music and bands from all over the world. Locals love it. You will too.

Location: Praça Alegria 48, 1250-004
Price: Admission is €7.50

So, if you’re a jazz lover, you certainly have plenty of choices to enjoy some good music and to experiment with the newest and best jazz bars around the world! We highly encourage you to always check the website of the jazz bar you are interested in as you can easily catch the best events while in town. Plus, in some cases, especially when it comes to special shows or during holidays and weekends, booking in advance can be a lifesaver to avoid any bad surprises once you get there. Besides that, we really hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 best jazz bars around the world. Here’s to a great jazz-themed night out. Cheers!

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