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Perth Road Trip Guide: Exploring West Australia

One of the best ways to travel around Australia is undoubtedly to get out on the open road. As a large country offering so many wonderful experiences, hiring a car is the easiest and most convenient way to see as much as possible. As the major city on the west coast of Australia, Perth makes a great base to explore the western side of the country and the ideal location for a road trip.

Need some ideas for your trip to Perth? Check out these ideas on where to stop along your Perth road trip.

Explore the city

Where better to start your Perth road trip than to explore the city itself? Perth has a lot going on, with fantastic culture, excellent dining and entertainment as well as beautiful beaches to visit. Spend at least three days in Perth getting to know the city, soaking up the sun in Kings Park and board the ferry to Rottnest Island—a must when you’re in Perth.

Take in the best of the Coral Coast

The Coral Coast is truly a sight to see, and if you’ve got several days to spare then you should hire a car from and set off to explore the many wonders this drive has to offer.

To take in the best of the Coral Coast, you’ll want to visit the Pinnacles Desert, a fascinating spot where there are limestone rock spires as well as some incredible views. Then you can take the Wool Wagon Pathway and arrive at Ningaloo Reef, which is famous for being the world’s largest fringing reef. It’s home to an incredibly diverse marine life and is the perfect opportunity to spot dolphins, sharks and more.

Enjoy the views at Mount Augustus National Park

While Uluru is the most famous monolith in the world, it’s not the biggest. Mount Augustus is actually two and a half times larger than Uluru and is a spectacular sight to see during your Perth road trip. You’ll need to drive around 850 km from Perth to get to it, but it’s a drive that will be packed with incredible views along the way.

If you can get that far, it’ll be one road trip to remember!

Tour wine country at Margaret River

Is it a full trip to Australia without sampling some fine Australian wine? The Margaret River wine region is approximately three hours from Perth and gives you the opportunity to try a variety of wines at beautiful vineyards. For this trip, you’ll need a chauffeur or someone willing to be the designated driver, although you will also find some fantastic accommodation in the area too.  

Perth is often overlooked when people visit Australia, with many travel itineraries focusing on the east coast and the delights that Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have to offer. However, if you do get the chance a visit to Perth will show you a completely different side to Australia and help you create some fantastic memories.

Take a look at some of our travel tips and set off on an incredible adventure down under.

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