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15 Awesome Travel Gadgets That Will Make Travel So Much Easier

Sometimes travel presents challenges and difficulties that you can feel ill-equipped for, however, with so many new travel gadgets coming onto the scene, it’s good to know that those days are slowly coming to an end (or at least will become less common). Here are 15 travel gadgets that will make travel so much easier (or better!)

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1. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

A nifty device that you clip onto your luggage to accurately weigh them. Convenient, easy to use and, given that overweight baggage can set you back $50-$250, this $12 device is totally worth it.

2. SilverAir Odorless Sock

That’s right, a sock that doesn’t smell even if your feet do. Moreover, the sock is supposedly extremely comfortable and durable. Great for those long days of adventure and travel where, any other inferior sock, would be making your friends wretch in disgust at your odious odor seeping up from the floor. Those days are behind us, friends. You can pre-order here.

3. Anker Quick Charge

Low phone battery; the modern man’s sworn enemy. This wall plug basically charges your phone really quickly and safely. It’s perfect for those moments where you’re about to leave somewhere and you realize you’ve hardly any phone charge left. Which, if traveling, could put you into some tricky spots. And at around $25 for the peace of mind, that’s not too shabby.

4. Cabeau Travel Evolution Pillow

Ever tried one of those airplane head pillows that fit around your neck? This is basically an improved version of that. It minimizes the chance of your head bobbing forward when asleep and is also a lot more comfortable than the usual head pillows. At nearly $40 it’s a bit on the pricey side but its effectiveness, comfortable memory foam and well-designed material make up for that.

5. Wrinkle Wiz

This small, nifty bottle can be used to spray your clothes to remove wrinkles while also leaving them smelling fresh. Handy for when you open your suitcase to find your clothes have gotten all wrinkly. (Though you should be rolling instead of folding, read here!) At just under $6, doesn’t cost much too.

Wrinkle Wiz

6. Perixx SIM Card Holder

The Perixx SIM Card Holder…holds your SIM cards. Which, to be fair, if you’re traveling a lot is certainly a useful product, and the grip
pad technology will ensure all your cards stay in the box. The package should hold about 6 regular sized SIM cards and includes 2x Micro-SIM Adapter, 1x Nano-SIM Adapter, and 1x Remove Pin slots. Not particularly fancy, yet a necessary device if you travel to a lot of different countries that require different SIM cards.

Perixx PERIPRO-402

7. Ostrich Pillow

You may have already heard (or seen) this one. The Ostrich Pillow has gotten quite a lot of attention in the last year or two. It’s an on-the-go sleeping device meaning that, in reality, it’s basically a pillow that wraps around your head meaning you can actually sleep well in airports, on planes, and anywhere else you feel comfortable enough looking like an idiot! It’s pricey, which is definitely a negative, but this might just be the travel pillow you were longing for.

8. Bag Luggage Straps

Ever dropped a bag in an airport? Who hasn’t? These bag luggage straps help you connect your luggage together and to keep them in place while on the go. Inexpensive too, which is great.

Bag Luggage Straps

9. SeatDreamzzz

Apparently, 48% of Americans claim to not being able to sleep on an airplane. This is where SeatDreamzzz comes in. SeatDreamzzz is a sleep mask with an added strap that allows you to strap your head comfortably around your headrest to stop your head-bobbing forward and waking you up. It can also double over as an everyday sleeping mask making it more of a justifiable purchase. You can currently pre-order the mask and it looks like it’ll be hitting the market in the not too distant future.

10. Ceptics USA to Most of Europe Travel Adapter Plug

I’d be a bit surprised if you haven’t got one of these already but, in case you don’t, you should really consider buying this adapter plug if you live in the US and plan to travel to Europe at some point (which is most US travelers, right?) This adapter plug works pretty much anywhere in Europe and is inexpensive. Just plug it in. A real lifesaver (at least for your phones).

Travel Adapter Plug

11. Acteon Packing Cubes

Acteon packing cubes help you save space when packing while also featuring two compartments to keep your clean and dirty clothes separated. According to the developer, it can help save up to 55% of space in your suitcase. It’s also durable and waterproof. Although only prototypes have been made so far, it’s looking like these packing cubes will be made available for the public in the not-too-distant future.

12. Tropic – The Ultimate Travel Shoe

After backpacking in Thailand, the creators wondered how convenient it would be if, when you were packing, you only had to take one pair of shoes with you that were suitable everywhere. These shoes are good to take anywhere and will be your trustworthy aide no matter where or what you end up doing in the world. You can pre-order here.

13. GIGA Jacket

The GIGA jacket was backed by supporters who bought into the concept of this ultimate travel jacket. The versatile GIGA jacket features 16 functions from being a regular jacket with pockets for your passport, phone and boarding pass, while also having the ability to transform into a pillow or a carrier bag. This jacket does an awful lot and will surely be appreciated by those who aim for efficiency. It looks like it’ll hit the market by fall 2018.

14. Tribe Cell Phone Armband

This cell phone armband is a clever product that enables you to be able to run while listening to music or podcasts from your phone. All you do is strap it on your arm, put your headphones in, and start running with your phone securely held and accessible. The touchscreen features on your phone will still work and the armband will also shield your phone from heavy rain. At under $10 you won’t be complaining too much.

Cell Phone Armband

15. Anker External Battery Charger

The size of a candy bar, this compact device can add almost two full charges to an iPhone 7 or 6s. It’s very useful if you take a lot of photos or video on your phone, do any live video streaming, or just like having the sense of security that comes with knowing you have a backup should your phone run flat. Being super small and costing just under $17, we think this is a nice way to end our list travel gadgets list!

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