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10 Cheap & Warm Countries Perfect For People Who Hate The Cold

If you’re like anyone else this time of year, you started researching destinations to go to as soon as the leaves began to fall. While a weekend getaway might be sufficient for some, others might be interested in going abroad to warm countries in a more exotic locale.

Sure, you might immediately be daydreaming of Paris or New York, but these cities start becoming increasingly cold from October and so your mind should drift further south for warm countries. Many countries that are warm this time of the year are located in the Southern Hemisphere (I’m looking at you South America!) where it is now almost summertime.

Besides being warm, it’s important to book a trip to a cheaper country. That way your money gets stretched further and more fun can be had.

Here are 10 cheap and warm countries to visit this fall or winter:

1. Mexico


Located in between North and Central America, Mexico is the ideal country to escape to for whatever cheap fun in the sun action you are searching for. Whether it be the ideal beaches of Tulum, discovering the beautiful old town of Mexico City, or seeing the temples of the Yucatan Peninsula.

While it does have some incredible destinations, the real star of the show may be the food that Mexico offers. From tacos to huevos rancheros to mollete, Mexico has great food to offer any visitor. Considering a taco can be had for less than a dollar, you’ll have plenty of change left over.

2. Colombia


A country that is in the midst of a comeback, Colombia is deserving of its place as one of the best warm countries to escape to. Whether you want hot sun in Cartagena or year-round spring-like weather in Medellin, Colombia has plenty to offer.

The real treat is visiting the country’s Coffee Triangle, where a large percentage of the world’s coffee is grown. You can taste some of the best coffee you’ll ever have straight from the source…a tour and coffee are only $10.

3. Thailand


Thailand has exploded in popularity among visitors in recent years. It’s actually become a favorite destination for digital nomads and it seems like every day you see pictures of someone’s friends heading over for a week or two.

From Chiang Mai’s mountain ranges to Bangkok’s chaotic beautifulness to Koh Phi Phi’s party beaches, Thailand is just waiting to be discovered.

I recommend going rogue and renting a motorbike to explore all of the harder to reach spots. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices. Food, rent, and entertainment are all a third of what they would be back home. Thailand is just waiting for you to explore its beautiful varied regions.

4. Indonesia


Unfortunately, Indonesia has recently been in the news for natural disasters that have pounded the island country. Now, it’s even more important to go visit the country and support it any way you can.

Many opt to go to Bali, but since you are a real trekker, you’re more likely to go off the beaten path to a spot like Maluku Islands or Tanjung Puting National Park. Considering you can eat well on for $7 USD or go on a full day trip to go see endangered Orangutans, I’d say Indonesia is a great, warm spot to make your money go far.

5. Argentina


I bet you weren’t expecting to see Argentina on this list, but considering that summer is coming and the exchange rates are quite favorable at the moment, it’s a great time to go explore all that the country has to offer.

While the Argentine Peso is lower than usual, it’s a nice time to go visit the Patagonia region and do some incredible hikes. Of course, no trip to Argentina would be complete without first visiting the Paris of South America. With its small streets, incredible street art, and delicious food, Argentina is a great fall or winter getaway.

Buenos Aires Street Art
An example of the street art I found while exploring Buenos Aires.

6. South Africa

South Africa

Speaking of warm Southern Hemisphere destinations, South Africa is a country that’s becoming more and more popular among travelers. The country has big cities, nature, lively culture, and tons of history.

In terms of prices, it’s actually one of the cheapest in Africa. This is due to the fact that other countries on the continent have converted their prices to USD whereas South Africa has kept their currency. Take advantage of South Africa’s affordability before the secret is out.

7. UAE

Dubai, UAE

When you think of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, what do you think of? If oppressive heat comes to mind then you’re not far off! Luckily, October is when the temperatures start to drop to a more reasonable average (around 86°F/ 30°C).

In terms of cost, you might think of Ferraris driving around Dubai, but for a visitor, the costs are pretty reasonable. A good meal should set you back about $15 USD and a museum pass costs about $1 USD.

If you can, try to avoid Abu Dhabi or Dubai to cut down on costs and get a more local view of this incredible country.

8. Portugal


This Mediterranean country is now on many travelers bucket list.

I remember when I visited in 2014 and many of my friends were confused why I would go to Portugal and not Spain first…I changed their minds when I came back with some incredible pictures of Portugal!

This country has every modern comfort and is easily accessible from the rest of Europe and North America (5 hours flight from the East Coast of the US and Canada.)

9. Croatia

Croatia Coast

With daily highs in fall of 72°F/ 22°C and lows of 59°F/ 15°C, fall is an ideal time of the year for a vacation in Croatia. It also is way less crowded than in the warmer summer months. With fewer visitors means cheaper prices for tours and other tourist related activities.

Be sure to take advantage of great deals on cruises around the Croatian coast and check out some of the islands.

Note: Although one of the warm countries in Europe, depending on which part of the country you’re in, Croatia can start to get a little bit cooler in deep winter…but only very rarely will drop below 41°F/ 5°C.

10. Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia Bolivia

This South American country is often seen as a pass over for many going to visit Peru, but you are missing so much by not spending time exploring Bolivia.

Sure, it’s not as cheap as people originally assume, but you can easily live as comfortably for way less than back home.

Be sure to take one of the cheapest jungle tours on the continent, but be wary there are many shady companies. La Paz is also a lovely city to spend some time and has a large expat community.

Bolivia is one of those warm countries that deserve to be a part of your next trip.

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